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The Glass Castle


What is a memoir?                                                                 Three Cups of Tea . . . tainted

What is Creative Nonfiction?

Lying:  A Metophorical Memoir

The New Trend of Fake Memoirs

Lies, Damned Lies and Memoirs LA Times Opinion Staff writes . . .

“Must Memoirs Lie” Psychology Today

How to Start Writing Nonfiction

Good Reads Reviews


Child Neglect

Homeless Children in the U.S.

60 minutes segment on Homelessness

Excerpt for Arianna Huffinton’s Third World America

Chicago Hungry


Creative Genius

Creative Intelligence with Elizabeth Gilbert

Reading Schedule

GlassCastleReading Schedule

Sept. 19           p. 9-38-           “I never believed in Santa Claus…”

Sept. 20           p. 39-66           “’Bad news, Lori said”

Sept. 21           p. 67-101         “A lot of our neighbors”

Sept. 22           p. 102-125       Part III-Welch

Sept. 23           p. 129-163       “We fought a lot in Welch”

Sept. 26           p. 164-185       “One day while Brian and I …”

Sept. 27           p. 186-205       “At times I felt like”

Sept. 28           p. 206-225       “As Spring approached”

Sept. 29           p. 226-241       Part IV- NYC

Sept. 30           p. 245-288       to End

Oct 2              GlassCastleProject

Oct 3              GlassCastleProject

Oct. 4              Review for Test

Oct. 5             GlassCastleExam


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